May 6, 2019

My beautiful tree finally bloomed last week. Then a heavy gail of wind blew all the petals away. Still though, in spite of my grief, managed to join Matt in the enactment of the grand and monumental change of actually podcasting/facebookliving ourselves one afternoon last week instead of waiting till this morning. Here is the video, and here is the audio.  We wandered through that ridiculous USA Today article about how Christians should get with the times and embrace total… Read more

May 5, 2019

This post is a little bit about Rachel Held Evans, in some indirect and sober way. A few years ago a person who had some very sad and terrible ideas about God and the Bible left his local church, believing himself to be aggrieved and angry about how he had been treated and what he thought God was calling him to do. Over the months that followed many people went to him and begged him to return, to repent. But… Read more

May 3, 2019

One If you’re in Binghamton, come out to our Art and Craft Fair tonight. There are some gorgeous ‘objets’ for sale. It’ll probably be raining but that shouldn’t stop you. I’m probably going early to beat my way past my dear sisters in Christ who don’t really deserve the particular item I have had my eye on. Christian charity only extends so far. Two I was just alerted to this strange and creepy phenomenon. It must be a little bit… Read more

May 2, 2019

I was recently introduced to the term “Intentional Parenting.” It was in the course of me waving my arms complaining about my children, and, of course, I recoiled horror. “What is that?” I cried. But I was tired at the time and didn’t really listen to the answer, so then was sent this and did read it, in a vague way. It’s a list. Shortened up, it goes like this: Keep God’s purposes for parenting in mind. Get to know… Read more

May 1, 2019

It seems like a pretty depressing day for news. Also my house is a horror, a horror. The sky has arrayed itself in one of its fifty gray hues. All the hashtag Wednesday motivations ring hollow. But all is not lost. I just discovered this and believe me, it’s a gem. It begins this way: People receive love differently, so knowing your love language and communicating it can help you and your S.O. Get on the same page and also… Read more

April 30, 2019

A few weeks before Easter the local Unitarian church—who always do up the best church signs that you can imagine, “Lesson Of The Loons” winning by a long shot—advertised the following sermon title: Racism in Religion 10:00 am I laughed heartily every time I drove by it for a whole week and was sad when it went away. Contemplated skipping my own church so I could see them go at it. I mean, I know what they’re trying to say. Or… Read more

April 29, 2019

And African Traditional Religion, and all the other reading we’ve been doing. Also we complain about the weather in this week’s scintillating podcast offering. No video though, because sitting in front of a camera is turning out to be really hard. Especially when Matt has to spend every spare moment gardening, and I have to yell at him, bundled up next to the fire, for him to come inside and put on another log. This is really creepy. This is… Read more

April 28, 2019

If you’re in a liturgical church, the fine thing about Easter is that it lasts so long—long enough to shake off the care and aggravation of lent, and most of all to meditate on the mysterious wonder of the resurrection. As long as you thought about the cross, that’s how long you think about the empty tomb and the days that Jesus spent with his disciples before ascending into heaven. This time around—especially after mourning over that Nicholas Kristof interview… Read more

April 26, 2019

It’s going to be pouring rain all day, even with rumblings of thunder, which means that I might as well stay inside and blog. Anything to keep from cleaning the house. How bout some takes. One This little list/picture is so funny. The things this person thinks should be cleaned every day are astonishing to me, never mind the week and month and year. Matt thought it might be humanly possible if that was the only thing you did. Like,… Read more

April 25, 2019

The First Thing I love the pictures in this piece, short as it is. The one of Kim Jong Un and Putin on the escalator is priceless. Also, how the mouth hangs slightly open at all times. Also the fear at the back of the eyes. Also the terrible haircut. Meanwhile, Putin looks like a sane grownup. Never thought I would say that, please don’t accuse me of colluding with Russia. One thing I do love about politics right now… Read more

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