Surviving Pride Month Podcast and Links

Surviving Pride Month Podcast and Links May 29, 2023

It is already a hot, sultry day here in Bing, and so we’ve done a decently lengthed podcast about how we didn’t sleep because there’s a bat somewhere in the house, how my Grandfather survived the war, how Target and Bud Light have been able to become a portent to many, why Satan Clubs are not a great thing to have in schools, and what to do during Pride Month. I think it’s all you could possibly expect. Here’s the follow-up bit over on Substack.

I wish I had any links today but the kids are finishing up finals this week and I did not get a chance to read much of anything. I really really hope that school finally ending means I have a bit more time through June to blog both here and on Stand Firm. I’m still trying to find my blogging level, as it were. I’ve had articles due at regular intervals all through the winter and spring, and therefore have not made any progress on any of the longer writing projects on my list. Also, my house is piling up with clutter in the usual way of the end of the scholastic year when no one has time to do anything but study and write papers.

As I’ve been mumbling over and over to myself for the last month, I am frustrated that I wake up at 4:30 every day, do all the sorts of things a basically functional person does–pray, read the Bible, dabble on Babbel trying to relearn French, blog, walk, workout, eat 4 prunes, pick up the house, reset the laundry, return all the texts and email, drive children around, get in food from the store, read various books, work on a stack of articles, remember that the garden needs to be watered, reset the kitchen, and then fall into bed at 9 pm feeling defeated because I didn’t finish anything. Why do I feel defeated? That’s absurd. Last year during our Sabbatical, I tried to reorder my life so that I wouldn’t have this happen to me every day, but all that happened is that I accidentally added a lot more stuff into the mix, instead of taking anything away. So anyway, in the spirit of doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results, maybe when I rearrange things this summer I’ll have more writing time.

In the meantime, here is a fantastic sermon. No class, unfortunately, because we probably got hacked yesterday. Hopefully, it will be up on the website soon.

Have a lovely day!

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