August 30, 2018

Gosh I’ve got so much to do. I have seriously tried to look for interesting things to read and think about but you know what, AGHHH. That’s the spiritual substance of my person today. Why? you ask. Well, more than half the country has started school, and the other goodly portion will begin before I have time to blink three times. AND I have a big pile of paper strategically teetering in the true center of the floor so that… Read more

August 29, 2018

I need to stop looking at headlines at night, or in the morning, or on my phone at mid-day. Truly, I need school to start so that I’ll technically be too busy to even glance at the cultural devolution tripping lightly along down the broad way that leads to candy, popsicles, and million degree weather. But since I already did look, and as usual don’t really want to wade into the actual muck, but prefer to skirt along the edges,… Read more

August 28, 2018

In the new disorienting social media enforced orthodoxy, there is a refrain that almost everyone has to employ, at regular intervals, and without fail, as one of the last vestigial safeguards against being chucked out on your ear by any hovering mob. It is the innocuous but life saving, “I don’t agree with everything X says, but…” after which disclaimer you may go ahead and retweet or link or quote what X said that you do agree with. It is… Read more

August 27, 2018

It’s another fine gray hot day in Binghamton, the perfect day for moving into our bat free attic. In that spirit of celebration and joy we’ve done up a little podcast of pro tips—bat removal pro tips, mourning the dead pro tips, being the pope pro tips, and how to figure out what the gospel actually is pro tips. It’s the meme we needed for this strange and unusual time. Enjoy! Didn’t read much online out in the wilderness so… Read more

August 26, 2018

A certain podcaster to whom I have been listening for the last month, and who shall continue to go unnamed by me for the moment, regularly distills the gospel down to the following bleak formula: Love God and Love your Neighbor. After all, Jesus said it himself in Mark 10. When asked, “What must I do to inherit eternal life?” it was the answer he gave, only a little more elegantly, in that he himself responded with a question about… Read more

August 20, 2018

Good Morning. We are rushing around trying to actually pull off a camping extravaganza since there seems to be a miraculous break in the rain, but have paused to do a nice little podcast about John MacArthur and his new SJW blogging series, how much I love my birthday (joke, as you know, I hate my birthday), and what to do about your church being so mediocre. It’s so sparkly it will dazzle your whole week. I don’t have a… Read more

August 19, 2018

Couldn’t help clicking on this clearly baiting headline, Satanic Temple Statue Unveiled at the Arkansas State Capital. As further evidence of a depraved mind, I went ahead and read the whole thing and watched all the videos. Turns out the legislature of Arkansas has not given equal time to the Satanists by letting them have their statue permanently along side the 10 Commandments. Baphomet was only there for the day. The article notes that “dozens” turned out for the unveiling… Read more

August 17, 2018

There you are Friday, with your rain and gray skies. Truly, enough with the rain. One beautiful park has been completely wiped out by flooding, along with homes, businesses, a church, and I know not what else. And all the efforts to assess damage did not need another weekend of rain, which is what we get to have. So, in the spirit of being complaining as much as possible, here are seven things I’ll probably do with another day of… Read more

August 16, 2018

All the pictures of the first day of school are making me think I should put my school room together….nah, man. Some other day. Instead, I think it would be more fun to rejoice over the fact that it’s not raining for a few minutes, and that—and I think perhaps I should whisper so that I don’t accidentally tilt the cosmic forces of sabotage too far in my own direction—bat exclusion can therefore begin its first true phase. I mean,… Read more

August 15, 2018

[Jesus scrolling through Twitter] As per usual, I am committed to completely avoiding the news of the day. Because it’s really bad out there. And I’m depressed enough as it is. So instead I’ve just taken a little gander at the Wednesday Wisdom Hashtag on Twitter where I discovered this gem: True LOVE sees no flaws. It is “blind” to everything but its universal laws. Embracing, inviting, accepting, exciting… …LOVE is who YOU are. Ah, this is just what I… Read more

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