My resolution of not scrolling through Facebook “very much” failed this morning, landing me on this gem posted by Matt whenever it was that he woke up in the middle of the night. It’s a conference going on this very moment called Exponential. This year’s theme is Hero Makers. Matt beat me to the punch by observing that Jesus, when you become a Christian, does not offer you a cape, but, unhappily, a cross. Here’s your cross, he says, and… Read more

Good Moaning, if you like that sort of thing. This week’s podcasting effort is a heated argument about the theology of Billy Graham, if it’s ok to have bad theology at all, what evangelism should even look like, and what an important personage I’m becoming. Just kidding about that last part. If you are tired of thinking about Billy Graham because that was all the way last week, listen for our recriminatory banter instead. It’s possible you won’t want to… Read more

It’s been curious to watch the news go back and forth all week about Billy Graham. On the one hand, accolades. On the other hand, the usual hue and cry that Christians are bad and this Christian was the worst of the lot. And in the same breath, his son has ruined it all. It did make me begin to feel nostalgic for a simpler and friendlier past. I’m not big on nostalgia, as you know. I don’t think you… Read more

This is turning out to be one of those embarrassing occasions where I latently discover my own ignorance of the legacy of famous people upon their deaths. Of course I know who Billy Graham is and the far rippling effects of his preaching of the gospel. But I didn’t realize until this week that I had not even once, ever, listened to one of his sermons. This is a curious realization in the Information Age. It’s like discovering that you… Read more

A long time ago I did seven takes to traveling with children–how to get from New York to Texas in a few minivan with six children and not lose your mind. You can google it because it was fantastic and was full of useful information about the shoe bag and how not to lose your mind–no wait, I already said that. So, now I’ve gone into NYC with children and one time was more than enough for me to provide… Read more

Tired A post shared by Anne Kennedy (@revannek) on Feb 22, 2018 at 6:10am PST Well, I’ve just hauled six children around New York City for a day–for the purpose of collecting my parents and finally letting my feet fall in the marbled halls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but also to shake up their small, narrow lives and show them the wide vista of a world outside their own. This important educational opportunity included shoving them into and… Read more

[What are you going to do? Actually go to the gym?] Well, this is shocking. On average Americans have sixty whole bad days a year. That’s like five a month, isn’t it? That seems like a sensible number actually. Reasons for having a bad day include enduring stress at work, not getting enough sleep, missing out on a hot shower, and, wait for it, suffering the horror of uncooperative hair, as in A Bad Hair Day. That one should have… Read more

[This is how comfortable I need to be if I’m going to have to watch the game, or whatever it’s called.] Just read a whole slate of articles about sports. That’s the genius of the internet. Without trying, or paying attention, it’s possible to read thousands of words on a subject one cares nothing about. As in, sportsing. But good writing, or even sort of decent if mediocre writing, or, barring that, clickbait can be really compelling. So in half… Read more

Woke up extra early and did up a gorgeous little podcast about technology, books, the demise of B&N, whether or not you should download your personality into another younger body, why you should call God by his preferred pronouns, and how shocked the children were that we really wanted them to clean up. Also, Matt learns to make meat pie. Truly, it’s an experience you probably, I’m pretty sure, but don’t sue me, won’t want to miss. And now, let… Read more

I’ve already blogged too much about Lent–as if it’s some sort of obsession. Which it might be. But it does go on for several weeks. And it seems like maybe the perfect antidote for what’s ailing me and the rest of the world. The chief ailment being the expectation that here and now life should be something more than short and appalling. I mean, if you were a poor peasant huddled in your Middle Ages hovel, you would have looked… Read more

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