If you are on social media at all, you probably have seen that Karen Swallow Prior was in a bad accident yesterday. She was hit by a bus and has sustained some serious injuries. She is having surgery this morning for a collapsed lung and has a long road of recovery ahead of her. She and her husband Roy could use so much prayer, if you are of the praying type. A day ago I got her book, On Reading… Read more

Was curious and sad to see that Warren Throckmorton is no longer blogging at Patheos. You can read what he says here. He has moved all his content to a new cyber home if you want to bookmark his page. And Adam Ford has sold the Babylon Bee and moved to something called the Christian Daily Reporter. Here is the manifesto, or call for sanity in an a world ever more narrowly constrained by social media. I have found this complaint,… Read more

This is a fascinating article. I haven’t read it with perfect attention, so in no way am I prepared to endorse it all, the dignity and reputation of Scientific American not withstanding. But I think its a pretty fantastic counterpoint to the Bishop Curry sermon of, now, eons past (boy the news moves too fast for me). You don’t have to wander around the Bible to refute the theology of Bishop Curry. A vague glance at a scientific article will… Read more

A bright and cheerful good morning to you all. The sun is shining, the birds are screeching, and we’ve done a hefty podcast all about the royal wedding. We have all our thoughts and feelings and then go through the sermon moment by moment. This has got to be our best one yet and if you miss it there’s probably no help for you. If you missed all my tweets as I wasn’t watching, you can find me on twitter… Read more

Yesterday was crazy busy and I missed the #royalwedding. Don’t spoil it for me because I’m going to try to watch it in clips sometime this afternoon. Dubious about the breathless accounts of how awesome the sermon was. I’m sure it was smooth as silk, but I’d be mighty surprised if it was actually #thegospel. You may expect Full Podcast Coverage tomorrow, three days too late. In the meantime, and not that tangentially, I’ve been catching up on some of… Read more

Oh look! I overslept, and it’s Friday! One One more week of online classes for the kids, and then exams, and then we can get down to the serious business of cramming everything we forgot to do into the two weeks left before I have to turn in all my paper work. Gosh I love Summer. It’s so much the best. Two I’m probably going to do a Facebook live video of my garden. Facebook keeps telling me to do… Read more

I Don’t Know If Its Yanny or Laurel I have not watched that Laurel/Yanny thing. And now its gone on so long that I can’t watch it or I will be relenting from my cosmic rebellion. It will take an act of God (someone accidentally playing the clip in my presence) to move my soul. The problem, though, is that I will have missed yet another “cultural moment” only this time by choice. This will leave me so far outside… Read more

I’ve been dabbling away at some different writing projects. The following is a fragment from a pseudo memoir that isn’t taking shape in the way I thought. It came to my mind, though, because Anglicans around the world are thinking about Leaving Home, as we did, and might be wondering what it feels like. This is alternately called in my mind, “What Will We Take With Us?” Emma danced and twirled in a princess dress, one of those awful Target… Read more

It is Tuesday, and in a matter of hundreds of hours there will be a royal wedding. Have been studiously avoiding the subject, even though, being a devoted Anglophile, it would normally be the kind of thing about which I would be relentlessly chattering. But I’m just gonna come out and say it, the death of virtue is kind of a drag. Way back in whatever year it was that Katherine and William got married, I had friends arrive at… Read more

A happy Monday to you all. We woke up early and did a too long Podcast about pastors rehabilitating themselves (Tullian), becoming heretical (Andy Stanley), and how our mothers are so wonderful. We had a good time, so I’m sure you will as well. Here is the Tullian piece that we take apart, almost line by line. Can’t remember if I already linked this but it’s so interesting I read it twice. Here is John MacArthur and his water. I… Read more

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