August 12, 2018

Learned this morning in this interesting article about something called “Huel.” Writes the author, Huel — an abbreviation of ‘human fuel’ — is a type of powdered food made of oats, peas, flax and rice. I’ve tried it and it is disgusting — gruel, essentially, in smart packaging. But it’s hugely popular: Huel is now one of the fastest growing companies in Britain. The article is all about how men in Britain, and I suppose the trend must be growing… Read more

August 11, 2018

Have now come to the end of the second of Anthony Trollop’s Barchester books, Barchester Towers. Truly, if you love English at all, and are a good person, and intelligent, you will probably, for sure, love these books. But if you are also Anglican, well, then this is practically the only state of divine bliss you will find in this life. Indeed, Trollop will probably make you want to become Anglican, if you aren’t already, or at least laugh heartily… Read more

August 10, 2018

It’s Friday, did you know? One The bookshelf project is nearing its denouement. Matt has done a valiant work, calling forth from wood and espresso colored stain a total of seven book receptacles heretofore not in existence. It has been pretty thrilling to watch. We aren’t in the habit of making things, neither of us. We occasionally lather paint on some plain, bland, boring wall. We both read all the stupid heavy books, and write stuff. We both cook food,… Read more

August 9, 2018

Ah well, the tragic drama at Willow Creek continues to unfold, the rain is threatening our happiness, and something something something Russia. It must be Thursday. And that means it’s time for my Essential Guide for not ruining your whole church. Pro Tip #1 Try not committing sexual immorality, like adultery, pederasty, pornography, that kind of thing. I know, this is totally counter intuitive, because, if you’re in some kind of powerful position it stands to reason that you should… Read more

August 8, 2018

Woke up to this brilliant and wonderful piece. It’s very short. You’ll want to read most of it out loud to yourself. It’s one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s to do lists. As we all know, Leonardo (I feel I can call him by his first name, as a sign of affectionate admiration) filled thousands of notebooks with all the things he was always thinking about. There are books stuffed with drawings, and measurements, and notes, and, most wonderfully, lists of… Read more

August 7, 2018

Afraid to say I got sucked in reading all those tweets by that person who was just hired by the New York Times in some kind of editorial capacity. Didn’t have time to read them, and wasn’t in any way edified by the endless scroll, and certainly wished I could have that hour of my life back. And truly, have nothing to say about the substance of them—the whole question of racism and wether it’s ok in one context but… Read more

August 6, 2018

Good Moaning. It’s a hot and humid day in cloudy Binghamton. For your listening pleasure we’ve done up a little podcast about our awesome banter, why Pope Francis is wrong, how not to commit sexual immorality if you’re a leader in the church, how I’m slowly working through the Revoice conference, and how we still have bats. It’s all the thought leader things for a Monday morning. Hmmm. Don’t think I read much this week on account of all the… Read more

August 5, 2018

In all the moving and rearranging of books and furniture, and the anxiety over bats, I’ve mostly had my ears plugged with podcasts and the occasional book, so as not to be able to hear when any child asks me anything. I’m listening to Barchester Towers as a treat, and then persecuting myself with the podcast archives of a well known self-identified evangelical who interviews guests in an upbeat cheerful, up-talking sort of way, and who I won’t name now… Read more

August 3, 2018

Well, who cares what day it is. One Around 2am Matt’s bat phobia caused us to relocate our sleeping arrangements to the living room because he couldn’t live with the one or two, maybe three, bats circling the attic ceiling. They somehow managed to get out of the wall and join us in our new bedroom. Matt should probably go straight back up there and get them out, now that they’re probably all cozied up for a long rainy day… Read more

August 2, 2018

Don’t worry, just because we’re still moving everything around doesn’t mean I will go on endlessly talking about it. I have nothing left to say anyway. My spirit, and more importantly, my body, are crushed to earth. At this point in the proceedings, I am cosmically rocking and muttering, broken apart and ruined. Best to back away and just let me die in pieces. More notably, we have bats. This reality is not a newly discovered one. We’ve actually had… Read more

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