[Perfect Bowl for Cat Curling] There’s a tiny ray of sunlight! Oop, there it went. Back to the gray. Oh well, we did up a podcast anyway–our favorite Olympic moments so far, what we hate about the commercials, why it’s ok to do the imposition of ashes on Ash Wednesday, and how I survived the flu after all. Don’t miss it! Unless you have lots better things to do. And now Links. Let me see. Here is that thing about… Read more

Midweek I realized that all the children were waiting for me to get well so I could clean up after them. They would come and look at me sadly and then wander away to throw more garbage down on the floor, they would mutter about how there are no clean cups and no clean clothes, and they would anxiously ask me if I was feeling any better. It took me a while to connect all the dots, but Thursday afternoon,… Read more

Experiencing profound mixed feelings about the Gilmore Girls. One Love the rosy nostalgic glow of small town Americana–the bustling little square, the store fronts, the diner, the little grocery, the big houses with front porches, the everybody knowing everybody else. I have to ask myself, though, was this ever real? It must have been. But was it still real in the early 2000s? Is this what Anthony Esolen is pinning for? Because every time there’s a shot of Rory and… Read more

Thing One Sports Illustrated is getting in on the #metoo movement by writing words on the naked bodies of women and taking pictures and putting those pictures in the magazine. Because nothing says Respect for Women more than in your face commercial objectification. Seriously, that’s rich. I’m not providing a link because the article I read, which was just supposed to be reporting about this incredible occurrence, provided many of the pictures, and I was, how shall I say it,… Read more

Given that I have The Worst Flu in the world, so bad that it rises to the level of Man Flu, I’ve had enormous amounts of time to troll Twitter. There I came upon this nice Christian person who, let me hasten to say, is Nice and even, Saying True Things. But he had the misfortune to have a wrong opinion about coffee hour, and so I had to leap up and be a jerk. Here are his three tweets…. Read more

Yesterday, at the ghastly hour of eight in the morning, I drove my parents to a bus which conveyed them on to JFK so that they could fly to California. They are off to see friends and family for two weeks and then come back here with an eye to going back to Nairobi in March. I’m telling you this because so many of you prayed and wrote last October when I suddenly leapt up and rushed to Africa to… Read more

Not to trigger anyone, cough, but just to indulge in a little click bait. As it were. This week I fight through a bad cold to try to suppress Matt from being offensive about charismatism. We talk about the Super Bowl, binding the flu in Jesus name, and why the three streams of Anglicanism should be descriptive and not prescriptive. You won’t want to miss it, probably. Here is the video we have some words about. Now, let me see,… Read more

The Feast of the Presentation of the Infant Jesus in the Temple was on Friday, in case you missed it. We “celebrated” by going to the uber cheap homeschool skate where they play christian pop music and children, and sometimes adults (me), bash their way around the rink and try not to fall over. If you were going to ask, I would say, yes, ice skating is easier and less painful. A pleasant, if loud, two hours passed swiftly away… Read more

I love this article so much. The pictures, for one thing, are lovely–indeed, are exactly the point–and the writing is, well, let me just say how jealous I am. Very Jealous. I mean, that’s the problem. The life that you have going on in your head doesn’t ever usually match the life that you have going on right in front of you, and therefore you, by which I mean me, are always at mental crossways, at emotional sixes and sevens…. Read more

So Friday! How bout Takes? One My youngest child is turning seven a week from today. She is pretty excited, as you can imagine, and has been waiting for this day for a long time. I, on the other hand, am feeling pretty tragic. We had six babies in a row, some of whom were a terrifying surprise, but the biggest surprise for me, which no sane person would be able to wrap her mind around, was having no more… Read more

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