Saturday on the Marriageable Links

Saturday on the Marriageable Links August 13, 2016

The usual scintillating podcast in which we entirely skip over the Olympics and take up the subject of marriage and how to have a reasonably good one.

And then my mother’s excellent reflection on driving all the way around the country with me and the children.

And then something so funny I cry every time.

And then something else funny because I used up all my newsy links during the week.

Oh, except I thought this was really interesting.

And something to cook. Something I will actually be making because I’m going to make bread this week–bread that I can eat. It’s going to be great.

And that’s all because I’m going to have a walk. For realz. I am going to take some small amount of exercise. Because of the Olympics. Or something.

Have a lovely day!

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