Evangelicalism’s Failures Podcast and Links

Evangelicalism’s Failures Podcast and Links April 10, 2017


Good Moaning. And a blessed beginning of Holy Week to you. Today we wake up and take wild swings at the noted failures of Evangelicals and why Matt is so upset about Hank Hanegraff becoming Eastern Orthodox. Is it ok to say other people are wrong? We answer that question with a resounding and roiling YES. I’m sure it will set you up nicely for a week of Holiness and thinking about Jesus.

First up, here’s that article I was talking about on Rod Dreher’s site.

And then Michelle talking about whether or not it’s ok for Christians to  partake of the Seder meal.

Something really nice about the changes in parenting over the last many decades.

And something interesting about trends towards the embrace of the Granny Flat.

The cool rise of the first celebrity chef.

Tim being completely spot on as usual.

Samantha has a cool new Zine out.

An awesome video of Mars.

A necessary video of a bird attacking a man.

Something I wish I could cook but I’m probably too afraid.

Something so so so so funny.

And Matt’s sermon which was a really good way to enter into the spirit of the week, and made me very sorry for my sins, but also very grateful for the work of Jesus on the cross.

And that’s it for today. I have a bunch of stuff to do. So much stuff. Pip pip.


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