Monday on the Intimacy Links

Monday on the Intimacy Links December 11, 2017


Ha ha. Not really. We spend the whole time talking about how weird and broken human sexuality is both inside and outside of the church and how it would be so great if people could know Jesus and how terrible it is that if you sin your whole memory has to be erased from human history. Plus a super special mention of the Snowpocalypse and an argument about Advent versus Christmas. As usual, I can’t imagine that you would want to miss it, but what do I know. Maybe you have lots more interesting things to do with your day.

For Links I believe I am in the position to step high, wide, and lively.

First of all, this is The Best Thing I Have Read This Year. I love it. I feel like memorizing it and reciting it at children’s parties.

Next, here’s that thing about Ray Rice where I rambled around clearly not knowing what I was talking about.

Did you know you could listen to the news in Latin? Can’t remember if I already linked this.

And did I link this? Can’t remember. It’s so good.

And that thing about James Levine.

And Rebecca being clever and brilliant.

And something fascinating and scary about the CA fires.

And something terrible and discouraging.

And this is funny.

And so is this.

And so is this.

And this is  lovely.

And this looks delicious.

And here is a fantastic sermon.

And that’s all there is, there isn’t any more. Pip pip.

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