Three Things On Thursday

Three Things On Thursday February 8, 2018

Thing One
Sports Illustrated is getting in on the #metoo movement by writing words on the naked bodies of women and taking pictures and putting those pictures in the magazine. Because nothing says Respect for Women more than in your face commercial objectification. Seriously, that’s rich.

I’m not providing a link because the article I read, which was just supposed to be reporting about this incredible occurrence, provided many of the pictures, and I was, how shall I say it, shocked at the sheer –what’s a nonprofane word that I can use here–cheek of the thing. I mean, I would imagine that this is not being done ironically, that all the people working for that establishment think they’re being clever and woke. Or maybe they don’t care. I don’t know. I’m just really shocked.

Thing Two
I finally began a serious binge watch of the Gilmore Girls. It never occurred to me to watch it when it was on the regular tv, and then I guess they did a reboot or something? It’s pretty good. The quick dialogue is nice. But boy, I am not that kind of mother. I mean, I think I must be more like the grandmother. Constantly feel bad for her, which shows where my true sympathies must lie. Anyway, I’m still sick, so I expect to plow through another ten or so episodes today.

Thing Three
So the Olympics. They seem to totes be happening in spite of the novovirus and the extreme cold. Isn’t the headline every single time, “Olympics From Hell”? And seriously, it’s the winter, it’s supposed to be cold. So why would they have the opening ceremonies outside? I bet they are being advised by the people from Sports Illustrated. It seems That Sane.

Well, there you go. I’m going back to sleep.

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