Monday on the Happiness Monitor Podcast and Links

Monday on the Happiness Monitor Podcast and Links March 19, 2018

Good Moaning! Tomorrow is World Happiness Day and I intend to celebrate all week, kicking off the festivities with a podcast about how to be happy and why Happiness is So Important. One way you will be happy, of course, is when a UN Happiness Monitor moves into your house to make sure that you are feeling happy all the time, because sadness is evil and bad. I think this podcast is the all time Happiest podcast there is and you won’t want to miss it.

Here’s the article about which I have numerous words.

And here’s that horrible song, Happy, to increase your feelings of happiness.

And here is something miserably unhappy.

And here is something to eat that will make you happy.

And here is something beautiful that will make you happy.

And here is a nice article that will also make you happy. Just kidding, it’s about alienation.

And here is a political article that should cheer you up.

And here is something about science and technology that will not make you happy at all so you might not want to read it.

And here is something funny to make you happy.

Here is a class that will make you smart and therefore happy.

And finally, a sermon that will encourage and strengthen you which is better than being happy.

And that’s all there is, at least for now. Don’t forget to be happy!

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