Monday on the Illiterate Podcast and Links

Monday on the Illiterate Podcast and Links April 23, 2018

By illiterate, I’m not referring to myself, but to GQ’s beclowning of itself by publishing a list of 21 books you don’t have to read. If you were wondering whether the end times are here or not, spoiler alert, they are. Also, we talk about the funeral of Barbara Bush and funerals in general. It’s a podcast for the ages, don’t miss it.

Here’s the funeral (skip to an hour thirty-five for the actual service). Here’s the GQ piece. And now, let me see, what have we got?

Speaking of reading books, here is a great review of one that sounds both difficult and fascinating.

And here is a harrowing story.

And I confess to reading this in its entirety.

And this is brilliant.

And this is lovely.

This looks delicious.

This is exciting.

Here is an excellent class and a brilliant sermon.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go sit in the sun with a book, for the sake of civilization, and for the children. Pip pip.

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