Special Birthday Edition Podcast and Links

Special Birthday Edition Podcast and Links October 8, 2018

A happy Columbus Day to you all. We hopefully have recovered from our failure to podcast last week with a nice long discussion about getting older, the Kavanaugh mess, why being human is better than trying to live out a role, and some other rambling commentary about the nature of all things. I hope it is everything you long for.

And now, let me see about links.

I loved this.

And this.

And this was sort of interesting.

And this was interesting if vaguely confused.

And this is depressing.

And this is a lovely blog I discovered last week.

And here is an excellent sermon from last week.

And I can’t stop laughing at this.

And this looks delicious.

And this is maybe a touch over fancy.

And thats all for now. I gotta go do the things. Have a lovely day!


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