What Should Christians Celebrate Podcast and Links

What Should Christians Celebrate Podcast and Links October 22, 2018

We’re back to our usual Monday morning haze, podcasting and bickering. We talk about Halloween, Christmas, Christians making laws for each other, Satan Worship, when its ok to let go of people and how that looks different for a Christian, and some other topics that I cannot, even minutes later, recall. I hope it sets you up for just the sort of work you both deserve and desire.

Now, links. First up, here are all of Leslie Bustard’s classes that she’s been doing. I’m thoroughly enjoying them. I think she did the last one this week so it should be up soon.

This was fascinating. I loved this line, “In this respect, with all things being equal, Banksy is the Thomas Kinkade of his generation, inasmuch as both rely on opportunistic financial schemes and clashing effects: Kinkade’s sinister warmth, Banksy’s dark money do-gooderism.”

This was excellent as well.

And I loved this.

This is cool.

My mother made this last week and it was gorgeous.

I wish I could go see all of these.

This is super funny.

Here is an excellent sermon.

And that’s all there is for today! Pip pip.

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