How Sure Are You Podcast and Links

How Sure Are You Podcast and Links October 29, 2018

Good Morning. It’s a gray chilly day here in the northeast. Lots of leaves are still green and the rain threatens at every moment. To cheer ourselves we did up a podcast about how different Christians think about politics, what it’s  ok to be certain about for sure, and the Dunning Kruger effect.

Not very many nice links because I was so busy this last week and fell asleep every time I started reading.

Here is Michelle writing about the Synagogue massacre.

This was pretty funny but also really good.

Here is Tish writing about cremating her baby.

I love this.

Here is a Baked Alaska. Not the one we had, but one nevertheless.

And here is an excellent sermon and a thought provoking class.

And that’s all, tragically. I’ve gotta do a bunch of stuff. Have a great week!


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