Better to be Defrauded Podcast and Links

Better to be Defrauded Podcast and Links November 5, 2018

Good Morning. I’m not going to bother to say that it’s cold and rainy because who even cares any more. Instead I will pass along our longer than usual podcast about the fact that our child is going to be in an opera of all things, the dubious biblical defense of Christians suing each other, and how Matt corrected the whole internet this week. We had a good time so I’m sure you will as well.

Not too many links because I went to opera practice for a whole week instead of reading anything. Here is a clip of what our lives are now consumed with.

And here is Aimee Byrd taking down Anthony Esolen–all in good fun, of course.

And here is that piece by James MacDonald.

And here is that panda duking it out with a snow person.

And here are creepy food pictures.

And here is something wonderful.

Here is an excellent sermon.

And I’m sorry to say that’s all. No time to cook. No time to read. No time for sanity. As Kevin Kline and Sandra Boynton together say, “We’re very very busy and we’ve got a lot to do and we haven’t got a minute to explain it all to you.” Pip pip

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