Virtual Church Podcast and Links

Virtual Church Podcast and Links November 12, 2018

The sun is shyly peeking out of the sky in a provacative and taunting way. We have hauled ourselves out of the obvlivion of sleep and wandered our way through a podcast about how on earth could it be that the church could be global, transcending time and space as it were, without the clever invention of the internet. Should you be remotely baptized? Is there any solution to your deep and abiding loneliness? And what is the point of church anyway. I’m sure it will solve all your problems.

Here is the link to the first video, and the second one.

And now, let me see, links. I feel like I probably have some.

I loved this long interesting article/interview.

And I loved this.

And this was depressing.

And something else depressing.

And this was beautiful and interesting.

And here is something old and ridiculous and funny.

And something potentially delicious.

And here is my talk from Friday, and Matt’s class from Sunday, and an excellent and timely sermon, especially the bit about glory and the bit about marketing yourself.

And that’s it for today! Oop, the sun is gone so it’s  time for me to put on my gray Binghamton sweater.

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