7 Boring Takes

7 Boring Takes November 16, 2018

Friday and everything.
It did snow. Rather a lot. Not tons. But plenty. My plan of clearing out the garage enough to park a car in it before the first snow did not come into being. First because it is not supposed to snow this early, and second because I have like fifty other things to do. Guess I’ll have to send the kids out to scrape off the car…and to shovel…and shovel some more.

Also, I just threw down a whole pitcher of milk for reasons I cannot quite explain. I took a hold of it and then sort of just let go. So now I have to go get more milk so I can drink the rest of this caffeine, and scrape milk off of all those books and papers that I have stacked around my bed so that I can comfortably sleep at night. Guess it’s going to be one of those days.

Have been watching the French report on Brexit, without understanding very much of what they’ve been saying. They seem smug, though, like watching the English flail is the best thing ever. Feel bad for Theresa May. It’s like no one will look her in the face whenever she’s talking, which must be super unnerving.

A whole quarter of the school year has gone by, which means I’m gathering up my piles of stuff to report to the state. I always deeply dread this moment, sure that we haven’t done what we should have and everyone is failing. But then, whenever I finally face them down, I discover that we did Do something, and that failure is way too strong a word. And that we’re basically fine.

The thing that is definitely failing is anybody doing any household work to keep things functioning. In September, as one does, I wrote out an elaborate schedule of who will do what thing on which day—so and so will do the kitchen on Tuesday and that other person will do the kitty litter and take out the recycling. I do this every year because I am insane. I do the very same thing over and over expecting a different result. So today, get this, I’m going to do it again. I’m going to make a New schedule, and this time, it’s going to work. Check back in a quarter to mark my backward progress.

We’ve been watching Jeeves and Wooster, gleaned off of Amazon and YouTube. I have these episodes practically memorized, but the children haven’t watched them all the way through, and Matt has never watched them. I’m pretty satisfied with the mixture of surprise, laughter, horror and more laughter. The little girls have started to develop true anxiety that Bertie will be forced into marrying some strong female. Will Jeeves be able to save him this time? I dunno, you’ve gotta stop screaming and watch.

Well, sorry for the boringness of takes, and of blogging this week. Not sure what happened—maybe its that I tried doing actual work, and writing some other things, and when that happens, this spot languishes. And also, I blame the snow. So go check out real takes and pray that I survive the weather.

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