Advent Scolding Podcast and Links

Advent Scolding Podcast and Links December 3, 2018

Good Morning, as it were. Apparently Binghamton is one of the cloudiest cities in the US, which is abundantly clear this morning. We’ve done up a shortish podcast about Advent, what preaching should be about, and Matt turning into a two kingdoms person. It’s a lot of what you could want for Monday. If I could buy you a coffee I would, but I can’t so you’ll have to make do with a podcast.

Here’s the HuffPo piece.

And here is something depressing.

Here is the misguided and confused CT thing.

Here is something super cool.

Here is something else depressing.

This looks like a fascinating book.

These look delicious.

This is funny and fantastic.

And here is an excellent sermon. And a helpful class.

And that’s it for today. I gotta go do a lotta stuff. Pip pip.

"The depraved don't know that they are depraved."

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