7 Nothing Takes

7 Nothing Takes February 22, 2019

Friday, we made it, wow.

It must be a truth universally acknowledged that children get sick more often, but that the parents of those children falling to the plague rises to Level Epic. I am sure I had the same cold as several of the children, but they carried on with life, with the single addition of unstoppable whining, whereas I could not move. Of course, I wasn’t whining. Maybe that was the difference. I should have tried explaining to all of them the full extent of my misery. Maybe then I would have been able to get up and carry on with life.

What is that meme? What doesn’t kill you makes you angry and bitter. Speaking of which, it is the anniversary of this epic post. Have faith, February is almost over. Just one more week of this insanity.

Then it will be March, and Lent, which won’t be easy either, but at least it won’t be February. All these links are to prove that long ago, I wrote interesting blog posts.

I’ve seen here and there that instead of totally giving up social media for Lent, some friends of mine are taking up blogging—reading something interesting and writing about it. Someone else said on some thread (sorry, there is no way I can find it ever again) that the time of blogging was a magical time. Really it was. Then Facebook came and stole it all away.

I remember being super excited about facebook, back in the day. The way I was excited about email twenty-five years ago. Boy, I am not excited about email any more. Now email, and indeed social media, is a great albatross that I lug around all the time, like the laundry. Only with the laundry, at least after I’ve done it everyone has clean clothes. Whereas with email, all I’m doing is giving myself more work every time I have a whack at my inbox.

Incidentally, I have managed to read/listen to ten books in the first two months of this year. By running away from podcasts and endless scrolling, I’ve had my sixty hours of Sherlock Holmes and learned loads of interesting stuff about African Traditional Religion. I really hope I can keep up this pace and blow past my book number from last year. It really helps me to keep lists of what I’ve read, just so that I know that I’m actually doing it. Mostly lists are a bad thing for me, a source of guilt and terror. But in this case it’s been very helpful to keep me going forward. Along with an ever more complicated system of rewards, I may manage to educate myself yet.

Go check out more takes! You won’t regret it.

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