Good Friday

Good Friday April 19, 2019

Going to be offline today. Here is my favorite hymn (or one of them), paired by a stranger with the last picture taken in our old church, the day we moved out and handed over the keys. It is a mosque now, and the pews have been taken out to make way for prayer rugs.

Building don’t really matter, of course. The church is the body of faithful believers from every age and place, through time, joined together invisibly. Around the world many days feel like Good Friday—the scattered disciples, defeat lying as a pall over everyone who was ridiculous enough to hope, darkness hiding for a few hours the appalling site of an innocent man dying in the place of a guilty one.

But it is the best day, a good day, the day that true hope became a reality. May God bless and keep you on this good and holy day.


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