“Easter Worshippers” Podcast and Links

“Easter Worshippers” Podcast and Links April 22, 2019

Happy Easter Monday! That cat and I are one in spirit. Nevertheless, in our true and complete fog of fatigue, we took on that ridiculous Nicholas Kristof interview in the New York Times, the one where he asks the president of Union Theological Seminary a bunch of good questions that stymie her. I was too tired even to remember where the place is—I think I wondered if it is in Philadelphia—but we didn’t let that stop us from saying all the things. Our post Holy Week wrap up will be later when we can even remember our own names and if God is a being or an essence or an object.

Here is the interview in question. But you don’t really need to waste one of your free articles by clicking because we basically work through the whole thing.

Here is a very true article.

Cat is back after lent! And blogging really does still exist! And it’s better than social media, it really is. She said what I’ve been thinking more and more but haven’t found the right words.

And here is something cool.

I read this twice.

Pray for Mali, as always.

Something to feed my Shtisel obsession.

I guess I would spend Easter here if someone insisted on having me.

I made Nigella’s baby bundt cakes for yesterday, as this person did, and they turned out beautifully, as well as being delicious.

This is pretty funny.

Here is a fantastic sermon. No class because Matt was too tired to remember to push play.

And there is probably more but who even knows. Happy Easter!

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