Three Things On Thursday

Three Things On Thursday May 9, 2019

The First Thing

I had really hoped that Meghan and Harry would name the baby Reggie Bing after my favorite character in Wodehouse’s A Damsel in Distress, which, frankly, is a masterful literary work, The Best, and if you haven’t read it and don’t love it, we probably can’t be friends. Or, at least, that would be one reason we can’t be friends. The other reason would be…oh never mind.

Archie though? Isn’t that short for Archibald? That seems like a bad deal. I had, for some reason, thought that names that sounded like nicknames were disallowed for British royalty. Anyway, does this mean that America and England will reunite once more? Can we just call it a day and Make America Great Britain again? Please? Meghan is so beautiful and Harry is so endearing—it’s the best of both countries.

The Second Thing

Feel persecuted by reminders everywhere that Sunday is Mother’s Day. The swiftly rushing stream of social media driven news means that I shouldn’t have to think about this until Sunday morning, and then only have to face the scolding about what is allowable to say about it in the afternoon. But places like Facebook won’t ever let me forget, what with them caring so much about my “memories”. They say it every day—we care about your memories, Anne, share this post from four years ago. I think I could be happy if they would call me Mrs. Kennedy instead of Anne.

Truly, if everyone had to revert to more exalted titles, I bet social media would become more classy. So when you’re calling someone out for their terribly wrong behavior and bad thoughts, but you have to address them as Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. or Sir or Madam, it would make whatever you said afterward feel nicer even if it was still really awful.

The Third Thing

So, I mean, you’ve probably seen this. Feel like a real writer—or a blogger at least. What’s that called when you are astonished and sure that there’s been some mistake, but also hopeful that maybe there hasn’t?

Like so many, this week I got on audible and bought RHE’s last book and am listening to it, mournfully. She comes right up against the truth about so many important spiritual matters, and is so clear in her expression, but then right at the seminal moment will twist in a thread of untruth, or subtly undermine the very Word she claims to love. It is heartbreaking.

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