Theology of RHE Podcast and Links

Theology of RHE Podcast and Links May 13, 2019

It is another gray Binghamton day, but I am trotting off to the garden center anyway, cash in hand, to lay in whatever promises to be bright and colorful whenever the sun does some out. We did another facebook live offering last week, but hid it until now, mostly because we did talk about Rachel Held Evans right in the thick of all the internet arguing. I think our conversation is probably tense, but hopefully helpful. If not, I’m sure the interwebs will tell me, as they have been doing all week. Here is the video, and the audio.

Let me see, I do have a couple of links before I fly out the door.

First up, this is so cool, so so cool.

This is so fantastic.

This was tragically useful to me.

Praying about this.

I’ve  been watching YouTube videos of these and I am going to have to try making them.

Here is an excellent sermon. No class because Matt forgot to push record.

And I’m sorry to say I’ve gotta run because there’s a break in the rain and a lot plants calling out to me from across the void.

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