Three Things on Thursday: de Blasio, Alabama, and Don’t Call Me Wifey

Three Things on Thursday: de Blasio, Alabama, and Don’t Call Me Wifey May 16, 2019

The First Thing
Well, that’s just great. Bill de Blasio, who apparently is chronically late to every engagement, and also basically a socialist—but I’m gathering that is a requirement if you want to win a democrat primary—is trying out for president. The gifs are amazing, so that’s fantastic. And The New York Post cover is the best.

So far I’m excited about all the great candidates leaping into the ring. Seriously, is there not one sane democrat who could run? Even one? Not that I would vote for him—look, I’m not assuming anyone’s gender. Does anyone really think Elizabeth Warren will be the top of the ticket? She looks normal but she’s crazy too. They all are.

The Second Thing
And Alabama is actually going to sign on the dotted line to get rid of abortion. Which is now the ‘extreme’ position. Saw the angry sputtering tweet about pro-lifers not doing anything to care for women, only caring about the baby, which isn’t even anything you dummies, and then the hundreds of replies from people about what they actually do. Which is a whole lot.

The most badly assembled and easily burnt up straw person of 2019 is to get on twitter to shout that pro-lifers only care about the baby. Step up your game abortion lovers.

The Third Thing
And finally, Ed Stetzer thought he would scold men about what they call their wives. Here’s his tweet:

Just a suggestion for husbands: If you’re mentioning your wife, refer to her by name, and generally do that first. So, for example, “Donna is…” or “Donna, my wife is…” rather than, “My wife is…” It acknowledges her as a person, in addition to your marriage connection.

Heh, “in addition to your marriage connection.” I’m pretty sure Mr. Stetzer meant to say something else. I mean, I know that my personhood is conferred to me by my marriage connection.

I think the point is more useful the other way. I have never been able to use those gentle endearments—‘hubs’ and ‘hubby’—but always refer to my husband by his name, Matt, even when I am talking to the children. Except when I am angry I say, “Ask your father.” It’s important for me to acknowledge the personhood of my husband in addition to our marriage connection.

And really, isn’t that awfully bigoted. You should say ‘partner’ or ‘spouse’ if you have to refer to the person with whom you are engaged in some kind of covenantal arrangement. And certainly not ‘better half’ because that is totes dehumanizing.

Look, you can call me anything you like as long as its not ‘Annie’ or ‘Wifey.’ Also, this is why no one should be on twitter.

Well, I gotta go submit to the patriarchy I guess, or scroll through twitter some more, can’t remember which. Have a nice day if you’re into that sort of thing.

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