Prosperity Heresy Podcast and Links

Prosperity Heresy Podcast and Links May 27, 2019

A bright sunny happy Memorial Day to you all. We arose from the stupor of sleep to talk about Anglican Troubles (no video this week—sorry). It’s all there—theology, intrigue, politics, and lots of people being wrong on the internet. I’m sure it will carry you along through your week towards something.

I don’t have very many links because I’m buried in work and stuff. But such as I have I give thee here.

Here is another article about Aldi with all the same information as every other article.

A friend pointed me to this person’s pictures and they are very fascinating and cool—at least I think so.

Something cool for Memorial Day.

Here are some rich people feeling things about books.

I know this makes me low brow, but I’ve never met a tater tot I didn’t love.

This person had amazing good fortune.

And here is an excellent sermon and a helpful class.

And now I will see if anything is growing in my own tiny garden.

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