I’m Sorry I Didn’t Write, I Was Sleeping

I’m Sorry I Didn’t Write, I Was Sleeping July 3, 2019

Absolutely did not mean to fall off line the last few days. Was intending to wake up bright and early on Monday morning and do the usual podcast, even with links, but instead I slept, and slept, and then sat around in a stupid stupor. And then yesterday was very much the same, in spite of the long list of little projects I thought I would quickly accomplish before the real “rest” of a month off begins.

The great tragedy is that apparently I really do need a holiday. I am not just physically tired, I am mentally fraying around the edges. My mind is trudging from one treadmill to the next, stepping up painfully, pushing the go button, and then hitting its chin on the bar as it inevitably, and in terrible slow motion, falls to the floor, not being able to keep pace. This hasn’t ever happened to me as far as I can remember. I like to think and write. It’s the Main Thing that keeps me going. Except just at the moment it is as insurmountable a task as all the others.

So I guess, even against my will, I am having a bit of a blog break. I might post here occasionally over the month, but basically I am purposefully sleeping through my writing time every morning, which means the actual likelihood of a post everyday is slim. Matt says he would like to write once or twice, and I am pretty sure I will have to put up a picture of my garden at some point. But beyond that, I think the only place you will be able to find me is on Instagram, which is easy, and doesn’t require words. I haven’t even had the mental wherewithal to scroll through facebook or twitter over the last few days.

Yes, it must be a sign of the end times. I agree. Imagine going along merrily for a decade of blogging, without ever bothering to take a day off, and then suddenly needing, even wanting a break…I mean, for me it has been utterly beyond imagining, which is why I have never done it. Probably the rapture (if you’re into that sort of thing) is just around the corner. Or maybe I’m just getting old, or middle aged or whatever you call it. Or maybe God is striking me down. Or maybe it is the fault of the internet, or Trump, or Mark Zuckerberg. Who knows, I am too tired to untangle it.

So, I probably won’t be posting. But on the other hand, I’m not going to promise to not post either. Because who knows what tomorrow may bring? Maybe I will wake up one morning with a song on my lips, ready to bash away at something foolish on the internet. I am Not doing this.

Speaking of facebook, they just wanted me to know (because they care about my memories) that 6 years ago today I asked all my friends if they would buy a book called 365 Sarcastic Devotionals For Angry Mothers. I got enough likes that I started straight in. So that was propitious. Maybe suggest some possible book titles of things I could try to write this month instead of blogging and see what happens. Or not, I would never presume to tell you what to do, except go to church, of course.

So anyway, pip pip. I’ll be around, maybe, or not. In the meantime, here is an excellent sermon.

And here is something really funny. And I thought this was really interesting.

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