Everybody Hurts Podcast and Links

Everybody Hurts Podcast and Links September 16, 2019

Good Moaning. It is gray and spitting rain here in fair Bing. We’ve done up a podcast about the phenomena of being in pain–both culturally and individually–and how you should handle the pain of your children, and the pain of other people, and even your own pain. We also wonder about the origin of Friday the 13th being scary, and we wind up with a special reading from the Passion Bible. We have a good time, so I’m sure you will too.

I’ve had a very busy week, as usual, and not a lot of time to read. But I think I do have a few links.

First, I loved this review of David Bently Hart’s new book.

And, just as a reminder, here is David Bently Hart’s grocery list.

Here are some beautiful new pictures of Saturn.

This is really cool.

Here are some thin people in nice clothes in a pretty nice house.

Here is something really funny.

Matt made this bread this week and it was glorious. Not that I ate any, or at least not very much.

Here is a helpful class and a really excellent sermon.

And now I will go stare out the window and wonder about the nature of all things.

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