7 Dicey Takes

7 Dicey Takes November 15, 2019

This is my soul as I read the internet. 

Friday! Thank the Lord. I was going to do the seven books I’ve liked most this year, but I’m in the middle of a couple of good ones and I think I want to save it until I really have all the “data,” as it were. Instead, how ‘bout some controversy and trouble.

BU is in the news this morning. There was a political dust up, or whatever you might want to call it, yesterday. The college republicans and another group, whose name I have already forgotten (read the article) tabled illegally and also insensitively—right after the California shooting—in support of Trump and gun rights. The college progressives showed up in counter protest. A few arrests were made and no one was hurt, thank goodness.

I’m biting down hard on my tongue about some of the double major descriptions. Let’s just say, there are no math and engineering majors listed amongst the crowd. This is bad for me as none of my children are interested in those things are probably would love to double major in psychology and sociology. Oh my gosh, I have to stop before I say anything untoward.

This comes on the heels of a several weeks old incident up at Cornell. The administration has expelled a ‘non-binary’ student whose pronouns are ‘they/them’ but who, I mean, I know I shouldn’t say it but I will anyway, looks awfully like what a few minutes ago would have been called a ‘woman.’ Apparently she was so continuously disruptive in her cohort, both in class and going so far as to accuse a visiting professor of racism, that the school had enough and bought her a ticket to Switzerland, where she is not from, incidentally. That part is hard to understand. My favorite bit is that during the inevitable protest in favor of the expelled non-binary person, another person ‘of color’ from East Africa stood up and explained that the person shouldn’t have bothered to come if she didn’t want to learn anything.

And, of course, this week, John MacArthur had to “clarify” what he said a few weeks ago about Beth Moore. What exactly did he mean when he said “go home?” I mean, I’m pretty sure literally everyone understood, but he thought he would take an hour or so explain anyway.

Observe my witheringly neutral tone. Not being a fan of Beth Moore, and also enjoying the pugilism of JMac, I am inclined to relish the fracas. It’s probably good to have an “honest debate” which of course isn’t the least bit possible, about the place of women both in society and in the church. Observe also how I have assiduously not joined in, on account of feeling “unsafe” from both the right and the left. If I really said what I thought, I would be exiled from both sides.

Pretty sure all my writing would go viral if I did say what I thought, though, so it is awfully tempting. People who are cancelled still get their stuff shared by the whole world. Else how can anybody be sure that they are rightly cancelled?

Instead, here is something gruesomely insane. If this were a movie, I would never go watch it. Apparently, a Russian person who habitually dresses up like Napoleon became very angry with his girlfriend and violently murdered her.

On Monday, however, the once haughty Mr. Sokolov, 63, sobbed uncontrollably as he appeared in a St. Petersburg court to express “deep repentance” for killing and dismembering his 24-year-old student and lover, Anastasia Yeshchenko. “I am devastated,” he said.

Well, I’m glad somebody is.

This is pretty great. I bet you were wondering how silent you should be in the churches. The Transformed Wife is here to tell you.

And finally, this is awesome. Three judges in a brawl with a gun late at night at a White Castle. I’ve never been to one of those kinds of restaurants—is that what it’s called? A restaurant?

Goodness its dicey out there. Matt sent me this (inappropriateness alert). I’m pretty sure I will get in trouble just for linking it. But it is very funny. Humor, which I know is really not allowed, will be our only salvation. Go check out more takes!

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