The Baby is Still Not That Important

The Baby is Still Not That Important January 16, 2020

I’m over at SF today. Enjoy!


I never know if people love me or hate me when they send me interesting blog fodder in the early hours before the dawn. I’m going to go with love, but sometimes I wonder. This piece a few minutes ago would have been pretty shocking, but now, of course, is run of the mill Thursday, as boring and usual as the long “articles” “reporting” on what antics Instagram Influencers are even up to, the endless scroll through ad-laden house remodel and famous people losing weight posts. The only difference is that this one loads quickly if you are actually online. Anyway, let’s go through it anyway, taking the opportunity to reiterate what Christian Parenting looks like. Christian Parenting TM is what you might call Counter-Cultural in the way that this article is claiming to be Counter-Cultural, but is actually now mainstream and therefore, as I said, Literally Not Shocking. I would say, though, that what is being offered up is profoundly and unutterably cruel and that if someone comes to you intending to TheySplain, you should be ready to kindly, but just as firmly, respond with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Alright, buckle up, let’s go.

The phenomenon is for parents to choose to raise gender-neutral babies who are called “theybies.”

More and more parents in the U.S. are choosing to raise gender neutral babies. They use gender neutral words and pronouns for their children, and sometimes don’t disclose what’s in their babies’ diapers except to a very close circle of friends. These children are often called “theybies”—neither boys nor girls.

So, right off the bat, it’s really sad and wrong that “what’s in the diaper” is the very narrow way that a lot of people have come think about sex and gender. I remember a long time ago trying–and failing–to work out in my own self the curious disconnection between the mind, body, and spirit that is the property of being human. The three war against each other, which is why God commands that all three should be redirected toward him. Leaving aside the wars that human people have with each other, the internal war of the spirit against the mind against the body is painful. We all live with it in a thousand tiny, disquieting ways. All the more reason not to add to the disintegration of the self under the guise of reintegrating it. It’s not “just” what’s in the diaper. It is a whole person who has a certain kind of biology, however broken and dysfunctional.

Incidentally, I do think it is interesting that this “theybie” thing is arising at the same time as insane gender (which should be sex) reveal events, some of which are so extravagant that some of the participants have even died. Notice that the baby is still not being celebrated. Reat the rest here!

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