7 Things for Friday

7 Things for Friday February 7, 2020


Whatever the day is, I woke from a stupor to the sound of ice smacking against the window and several ridiculous youtube clips and terrible tweetings, even before I could grope my way to the Holy Scriptures. I thought the decent and right thing would be to share them with you.

Thing One

First up, something so wonderful and catchy I’ve been listening to it for a whole day. This segues into my jean rant of Wednesday. These nice ladies don’t have time for that kind of thing. Jeans are evil and bad, along with my favorite version of the English bible. Also, their voices are pretty great. It is a pleasure to hear them. Give it a listen: (the link keeps getting broken, so if you want to just click and listen, here it is–https://twitter.com/FakeSermon/status/1224523993866276870?s=20&fbclid=IwAR2Am1PkKB_3WOHkJ26YI0J5cMMzMfhTtBbo4IUFixGrnsO1HuRmtouosB8

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