God Does Care About Your Feelings Podcast and Links

God Does Care About Your Feelings Podcast and Links February 10, 2020

Good Morning. It is Monday, I’m pretty sure, so we’ve done a podcast about those Paul Washer and John Piper clips (links in a minute) and about Mr. Trump’s grand decree about how federal buildings should be beautiful again. I might have got a bit frothy at that point, and started ranting about church remodeling efforts–about which I was speaking generally, but Matt thought I was talking about our church. Honestly, our Aesthetic Cabal has done heroic work to make Good Shepherd as beautiful as possible, given what we’re working with, and also, no one, No One at GS has suggested pulling up the carpet and just putting more carpet down–I was talking about other kinds of people in other churches. But for real, most of the podcast is me perseverating about how God isn’t mean, and it’s fine to have whatever kinds of feelings you have. I have no idea if you’ll enjoy it or not, I have to go to the dentist so ask me how I feel.

Here is the article about architecture.

Here is the Paul Washer Clip, and the John Piper One.

Here is Matt this morning on Stand Firm.

And here is Tim yesterday.

Matt made this and it was delicious.

McSweeny’s in on a roll this week.

This is shocking and terrible.

I was thinking about trying to blog about this but I dunno. Not sure where to start.

Here is an excellent sermon, and a helpful class.

And unfortunately, I have to go off to have my teeth brutalized. Have a great day!

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