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From the Archives Podcast and Links May 18, 2020

It is a gray, cool, quiet morning here in partially opened Bing, and I am furiously working through my book, trying to finish this run through by the end of the day. If I manage to, I only have to go through it two more times (I think), or maybe once. Who knows. But also, if I finish this go through today, I can take a breather tomorrow and maybe even blog. So, because I’m not SuperAnne, we’re pulling up an oldie but goodie from the preventing grace archives. Hope you’ll forgive us. We will seriously be back next week–for sure…I think…almost probably.

Here is a long dog video that’s pretty great.

Here is Judy Dench.

Here is something funny.

Here is a fantastic sermon, and here is a helpful class.

And I’m so sorry. I’m laboring along, I hope it is not in vain. Have a great day!

"Love this so much. It felt like a healing. Thank you for writing. Write on."

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