My Stupid Morning Routine

My Stupid Morning Routine October 13, 2020

So far, this has been absolutely the worst day. I did a whole bunch of backed up writing yesterday but didn’t, get this, “back it up” as in push save, I guess. I’m not exactly sure, except that my computer decided to take the file and throw it into the outer reaches of the universe. So instead of working on all the things this morning, I searched and searched and searched and never found it. In place of the very sane blog post I wrote about how much I loved Wendy Alsup’s Companions in Suffering, which is completely gone (the post not the book), here is a very dumb video I shot trying to learn out to upload stuff to youtube. Lesson one, the camera has to be a certain way. Lesson two, there should be no children. Lesson three, eye-liner much? Lesson four, everything is awful. Maybe I’ll blog again tomorrow, WHO KNOWS.

"Jesus Curious! LOL Love your writing as usual."

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