Advice for the Apocalypse Podcast and Links

Advice for the Apocalypse Podcast and Links November 9, 2020

It is another bright, sunny, fall day here in the North East. I don’t know what all the sun is about. It’s actually making me kind of nervous. Yesterday I was too hot–in November. I suppose it must be global warming. Having a hard time hating it, if I’m going to be honest. Anyway! We woke up and did a podcast. This week we talk about the election, of course, and how everyone is wicked, which is why we should all repent. But also, if you’re anxious and angry, double back to the disciplines of prayer and Bible reading that of course you spent the totality of Covid building (hahahaha). Hope it makes your Monday awesome!

Here is one of the articles we talked about.

And here is another one.

These look delicious.

This is a pretty nice house.

These people are my spirit animals. Watched them talk about Rachel Hollis a bunch and it was great.

Here is a helpful class. Sermon back next week.

Sorry to be so short on links. I read books this week instead of the internet, #sorrynotsorry. Have a great week!

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