Here’s What’s Wrong With You Podcast and Links

Here’s What’s Wrong With You Podcast and Links November 16, 2020

Good Moaning. It is cold and blustery, and the year isn’t over yet (more’s the pity), so we rousted ourselves and did a Festivus podcast in which we air our grievances against the world, the church, and each other. I complain about that ad that I blogged about yesterday, Matt complains about the media being in lock-step, I complain about Christians virtue signalling on the internet, Matt complains about people misunderstanding the nature of worship, I complain bitterly about him stealing my computer mouse, and he is aggrieved about all the lists I make. We talk about immortality projects, heroism, duty, and why everyone in the entire world is wrong. I really think it will set you up nicely for the week. All I can say is, You’re Welcome.

Here is an article about that ad.

Here is something interesting about Brutalism.

Here is Megan with a good reason to embed yourself in a church.

Here is something about downtown Binghamton.

Here is a cool old short film of Portland.

Here is something I thought would be fascinating but disappointed me immensely.

Here is something true and important.

Here is the Stand Firm Podcast.

Here are the Pelican Links.

This looks delicious.

And here is an excellent sermon and a helpful class.

Have a great week…if you’re into that sort of thing. Far be it from me to tell anyone what to do.

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