Links and So Forth

Links and So Forth November 30, 2020

We’re too crushed to earth to podcast this morning, and also, Matt has to definitely call the dentist if it’s the last thing he does…I mean, it may the last thing if he doesn’t do it. Also, it’s raining, so there’s that. But I do have some links, so all is not lost.

Westside Church is kicking off a new sermon series. Check it out.

Don’t forget Coffee and Catechism. In fact, Amature Anglican a long time ago wrote a review of Reading While Black that I meant to pass along and completely forgot. He talks through what he liked and didn’t like about the book and gives some Anglican context.

I have some catching up to do at the Naked Bible Podcast.

And if you’re depressed, don’t neglect the Oddcast.

And there’s also Johnny.

And Alisa.

And the Persuasion Podcast.

And I was on the Ride Home last Wednesday as usual.

Tim Challies and his family have set up a scholarship fund in honor of their son.

I somehow missed the start of this series, but Mike Duran is talking about Christian publishing and it’s really interesting and insightful.

Here are the Pelican Links.

This looks like an interesting conference.

The Darwins are documenting their venture into self-publishing. Here is Unstable Felicity.

Kyra is super busy right now, but you could try to get in an order if you rush.

So is Amber. And Angel.

And here is an excellent sermon and a helpful class.

Have a good week! I’ll be blogging as usual–I haven’t completely given up.

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