When In Doubt Repent Podcast And Links

When In Doubt Repent Podcast And Links December 14, 2020

Clearly, I need to take more pictures…anyway, today is snowy and cold and I’ve gotta clean all the things and ride herd on lots of children, but we woke up and did a goodish podcast on why everyone should repent. We talked about an amazing occurrence of a woman being kidnapped and then finally found and saved, about that Jericho March, and about Ravi Zacharias. It might actually be a touch depressing, but suitable if you’re wondering what to do with your life.

Let’s see, here is the thing about RZIM.

Here is the piece by Rod Dreher.

Here is Jenn being my spirit animal as usual.

Here is Megan on Mission.

These look delicious.

This is tragic.

And here is a helpful class and an excellent sermon.

I’m sorry to say I’m completely light on links this week. As I said, if I don’t clean something, the end will come.

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