You Only Die Once

You Only Die Once February 25, 2021

I’ve been working on an article for the last month or so–You Only Die Once: Why It’s Okay Not to Live in the Present. It’s behind a paywall, which just shows you what a clever and fascinating piece it is. I hope you’ll subscribe and read it. But either way, listen to the podcast where I think of some things I wished I’d put in the article:

And here is the wonderful meme I came across when I was reading about mindfulness:

My next big project is going to be gaslighting. It’s going to be so fun–maybe I will practice some of the techniques I am already learning and let you know how it goes. Just kidding, that would be mean. So anyway, have a great day! I’m off to admonish my children to care about their lives both now and in the future. It’s going to be epic.

"Glorious... thank you...."

7 Takes In All Directions
"Good writing, Anne. Love parts 5 and 6, especially."

7 Takes In All Directions
"The lack of groveling apology is very refreshing."

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