An Egalitarian Patriarchy

An Egalitarian Patriarchy May 5, 2021

This is fun. Instagram is thinking of a way to let you hide all your hashtags so that you can still market to your “friends” and followers but without them knowing about it quite so overtly:

Wong offered the perfect explanation for why Instagram would make this change, explaining that people and brands are misusing hashtags in order to promote their content: “#because #people #like #posting #with #captions #like #this #in #hope #of #boosting #the #engagement #but #it #ruins #the #user #experience” she wrote on Twitter.

I for one welcome all our social media overlords manipulating me even more in whatever way they can. Anyway, this is also funny (from the Bee):

“I have changed my mind and do not want a divorce from this amazing and handsome man,” said Melinda with a glazed look in her eye. “Bill is perfect in every way. I cannot live without him. Also, Windows is the best operating system and Internet Explorer is the best way to surf the world wide web.”

Honestly, I find the Gates Marriage Dissolution so sad. I have not been excited about Bill and Melinda Gates organizing the world, though I appreciate very much all the work they’ve done about malaria, but one of the nicest things about them (and honestly, how on earth would I know anything) was that they seemed to be working together toward total world domination. Though I can’t help wonder what happened, of course, if they are good and decent people I will never find out.

I am excessively bemused, I must say, by how upset some people are about “the patriarchy” (I’m still trying to write about the Beth Allison Barr book) but that those same people generally are not very upset about someone like Bill Gates amassing so much power unto himself. His is the “right” sort of power right now, and he says many nice-sounding things about educating the poor of the world, so that it is really fine for him to be a benevolent…what? What would we call him? He is a father, and he is very very very rich, and he, like Zuckerberg, has this sense of “family” that should extend to the whole world…but I know the word “patriarch” surely does not apply to him. That is reserved for weirdo Christians.

So, anyway, my word of the day is “Egalitarian Patriarchy” which, since this is my blog, I’m going to define as “Progressive men who have all the correct politics and give lip service to women but are still super patronizing and think that by paying for lots and lots and lots of abortion and that kind of misery they are actually very good people and may still tell women what to do (especially poor women in other countries) and can probably be unkind to their wives (who knows) because divorce never really hurt anyone (especially not women and children).” I expect I will have more thoughts and feelings about this later but now I have to go do my usual run around of clearing all the decks before the lovely builders come in and fix all the horrors of this lovely house–black mold anyone? Weirdly, the building crew is three guys who have put themselves in between us (a woman and her children) and all this mold, hustling us all out of here and dealing with it at an astonishing and expert speed in less than three hours. When I asked my daughters if they wouldn’t like to go get a “real” job and go into home construction they blinked at me and wandered away to go chat with their friends on yet another texting platform designed by yet another wicked man. Gosh, these things are so complicated, aren’t they! Have a great day!

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