Self-Analogue Podcast and Links

Self-Analogue Podcast and Links May 31, 2021

A blessed and happy Memorial Day to you all. It is pretty rainy here, and chilly, and we aren’t done with our work, so we’ll probably have to move our feast, but in the meantime, we’ve done a podcast about whether doing things online and on zoom is a real substitute for doing things in person, and why you should go to live church if you can. I know, shocking! Matt says he likes zoom and the internet, and I explain that I don’t, and so the long podcast wears on. Hope it’s everything you long for.

Let’s see, are there links?

This looks epic.

This is awesome.

This is fresh hell.

This looks like an interesting book.

And here is something delicious.

Class and sermon back next week! And I’m so sorry, I’ve got to run on to my day. Sorry to be so short on links!

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