Father’s Day and The Chosen Podcast and Links

Father’s Day and The Chosen Podcast and Links June 21, 2021

It is a bright, hot day here in the northeast and I am going to have to go figure out how to cool off, lest I perish. But before that, we’ve done a moderately lengthed podcast mostly about The Chosen and why we like it, with side notes about some theological errors, and about Father’s Day. We don’t really argue at all, so that’s too bad, but maybe it’ll still be the thing you need to kick off your week.

Let’s see, I think I do have one or two links.

This was delicious.

This was strange.

This was exciting.

This was bracing.

This is interesting.

This is mean (but probably true).

I already linked this but I love it so much I read it again.

And here is a helpful class and a fantastic sermon.

And now I must go conjure up a celebration. Have a nice day!

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