Back to Work Podcast and Links

Back to Work Podcast and Links August 23, 2021

It is a gray sultry day here in the Northeast. To note that fact, we’ve decided to stop being on vacation all the time and go back to work as usual, which includes a decently lengthed podcast. This week we talk about the new not Christian ideology that is coming even into Christian circles, why Matt is a better person than me, where we camped, and how some Baptists are ok especially when they are really Anglican. It’s really all you’ve come to expect from us so I can’t imagine that you’ll be disappointed in any way.

Here is that weird advertisement from Calvin University.

Here is some sort of weird castle.

Here is a great article.

And I’m so sorry, after a month I should definitely have a lot of links, but I only read books and made piles of crumpets and dug in the garden. SORRY! I’m sure I’ll have plenty more next week. Probably. Maybe.

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