Prairie Dresses and Crystals

Prairie Dresses and Crystals September 22, 2021

I have what feels like thousands of tabs open on my browser, hoping to work my way through a lot of interesting articles and long-form series of things but then constantly being distracted and also remembering that I planned not to read the internet. And then I get even more distracted and go over and find things like this:

Glennon and Abby, apparently, have moved to LA, and Glennon has embraced the prairie dress option, which, personally, I applaud. I got one myself this summer, although not with puffed sleeves like that. Goodness though, that is not a look I would have expected her to embrace, nor the decades-old chin-length mom-bob look. Am I allowed to call it that?

Anyway, that is neither here nor there. The more interesting thing is that the new neighbors of Glennon and Abby have been “gifting” them with “pretty rocks,” which, in case you were born under a rock (cough) are actually crystals and meant to be “charged by the moon” and that sort of thing.

There was an interesting link somewhere on Twitter—the only one I didn’t save—about how more and more people are embracing pagan witchery sorts of practices as Christianity is ebbing out, like an inexorable tide. Feel bad that I didn’t attend to it more carefully. Not so bad, though, that I won’t just say what I think, which is that human people are so uselessly hopeful about themselves. They really do all believe that whatever it is they believe is come to by objective sciencey-searching out of the truth. But because they are all very blind and foolish, they will only come up with stranger and stranger ideas about themselves and the universe. I find it charming to watch the process unfold in real time—a process I have read often about in the Bible, but haven’t really got to see it happen, only to peer over the after-effects from the long-distance of the historical record.

Anyway, I did manage to read this. I sometimes lie in bed at night and wonder what Jane Austen would make of Glennon Doyle. I think whatever kind of character she devised would be absolutely brilliant. What a sparkling gem, cough, of material. Someone should write it. Meanwhile, I will go yell into the void. Have a nice day!

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