Evangelism in a Secular Age Podcast and Links

Evangelism in a Secular Age Podcast and Links January 17, 2022

It is a bitterly cold winter wonderland here in the Northeast. The snow is falling in buckets and we are bracing ourselves to go out and try to move it out of the way so we can go on with our lives. To fortify ourselves, we’ve done a medium-lengthed podcast about evangelism. We go through a clip of someone explaining that we need a new apologetic for this secular age. We, spoiler-alert, don’t agree. I think it will be all that you expect it will be. Enjoy!

Here’s the clip we talked about.

Here’s the article I’ve been blogging about.

This looks so cool.

This is discouraging.

This is crazy insane.

This has gone viral for good and proper reasons.

This was fun.

This looks delicious.

Here is a helpful class. Excellent sermon back next week!

Have a nice day and all that kind of thing.

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