I Guess We’ll Be Eating In Tonight

I Guess We’ll Be Eating In Tonight October 31, 2015
Image via Pixabay. Public Domain.
Image via Pixabay. Public Domain.

So, what you’re saying, then, Anthony Bourdain, is that no matter which restaurant we choose, whenever we go out to eat in a restaurant, we are feeding off of the desperation of undocumented immigrants, who are forced by their situation into jobs no one else will take?

And the restaurant industry will collapse in its entirety if it were forced to hire people in those jobs at a wage which non-desperate people would demand?  It’s an economic necessity, then? Taking advantage of the desperation of the desperate?

If that be the case, perhaps the industry deserves its fate.

Surely, with all the legitimate reasons to reject Donald Trump as president, we need not complain that one of his policies might force us to pay people a just wage.

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