February 16, 2017

Bored by the presidency less than 30 days in, Donald Trump will have his first campaign event of the 2020 election on Saturday. Amid reports that he is beleaguered by the scope of the office, and battered by continued calls to investigate his ties to Russia, Trump has decided the best way to handle his problems is with his third vacation in Florida and a campaign rally. “Trump’s choice to hold a campaign rally less than a month into his… Read more

February 15, 2017

We are literally just a few weeks in tho the Trump presidency, and already we’re seeing an administration riddled with scandals. Not least of which is the Russia scandal which continues to explode by the moment. One administration member has resigned for lying about contact with Russian agents during the election, other reports seem to confirm that the Trump administration was in constant contact with Moscow during the election, and now even many Republicans are calling for a full-scale investigation… Read more

February 15, 2017

Remember Benghazi and all of the investigations? Remember the email servers that “could” be a threat to national security? Remember Trump calling for the jailing of Hillary Clinton for this? Remember the crowds of conservatives screaming to “lock her up?” Remember how these “patriots” loved America and would leave no stone unturned to ferret out threats to national security? Amazing how a few weeks will change things and show the hypocrisy of these people. Imagine if Flynn were a Democrat…. Read more

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