President Obama’s Perfect Response to Trump’s Repeal of DACA

It has often been customary in American politics for the most recent president to remain silent during the tenure of their successor. But in Trump’s America? Well, that tradition of old isn’t such a great idea– even former President Obama knows the importance of all Americans speaking out. As President Trump today announced the end of Obama’s program that allowed children who were brought here illegally to remain in the only country they know, the former president could not remain silent…. Read more

Violence By Trump Supporters and Fake Conservative Outrage

Conservatives are wringing their hands about the “ominous” increase in violence from the left. But they have been very silent or dismissive of the violence incited by Trump and carried out by his supporters over the last couple years. Read more

Confronting The Destroyers Of The Earth

“We give thanks to you, Lord God Almighty… for destroying the destroyers of the earth.” Revelation 11:17-18 (ESV) Conservative Christians, for a number of reasons, do not accept the consensus of scientists who say the planet is imperiled by global climate change. But among the reasons, along with economic and politically based ones, are the theological ones. Conservatives, who claim to take the bible literally, have slapped together a mixture of proof texts and sanctified wishful thinking to prop up their… Read more

American Christian Persecution Myth Harms the Gospel

A big part of current conservative Christian mythology is that they are under constant persecution. The reality is that they are not, they are often the ones doing the persecution, and they are doing harm to their message by pretending to be persecuted. Let’s explore this. Read more

Mike Pence Would Be Far Worse Than Donald Trump

Would President Pence be “better” or worse than Donald Trump? That’s a fair question. A quick Google search will give you a number of people who think he would be better. And a number who think otherwise. Let’s talk about this. Better is a relative term and, given the low bar set by Trump, it is an easy goal to achieve depending on how you define “better.” Pence would definitely bring far less drama and volatility to the office. He would… Read more

Hating The Sinner

Seven years ago I received an email. A day later I wrote: People he loved and respected told him he was making an evil choice. He didn’t see it as a choice. He had wished for years it was a choice but he was being honest and being who he was. At 17 he told the world he was a gay man. His family “disowned” him. Some people, mostly from his old church, “unfriended” him where it really matters: in real… Read more

Conservative Christians Are OK With Paying For Abortions (In Israel)

Led by people like Franklin Graham, who has compared Planned Parenthood to Nazi death camps, conservative Christians insist that abortion is a political “make or break” issue. Graham has even “quit” the Republican Party over the issue. Abortion is a frequently cited reason for Evangelical support of Trump during the last presidential campaign. But the reality is that abortion is a playing piece in their lifestyle choice. Like their boasts about the importance of “spreading the gospel” most conservative Christians also make… Read more

Are Christians Just Kidding About Abortion?

Big Talk, No (Real) Action. How often has it happened? You are in a conversation with a conservative Christian about war, poverty, hungry children, the economy, or baseball and suddenly the topic-changing trump-card of abortion is played. It is a way, used masterfully over the years, to distract from any uncomfortable subject. I cannot tell you the number of times a conversation, discussion, or debate has been hijacked for a place on the moral high-ground that many Christians believe abortion… Read more

Christianity at the White House Under Trump

With the celebration of Easter just past it might be a good time to assess how Donald Trump is working with and for Christians considering their overwhelming support for him. Trump is approaching three months in office and so it is not unreasonable to see where he has succeeded and failed. During the election we were told by many Christian leaders that we should discard Trump’s history of bragging about his sexual affairs, his cheating on at least two of his wives,… Read more

Trump’s Love Of Alex Jones Should Horrify Conservatives

For years I have said that people like Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, and many others are simply “performance artists” who do not really believe what they say but know they can make money duping people. Outrage and sordid tales of secret conspiracies get listeners, viewers, clicks, and most importantly – money. Well now we have Alex Jones in the midst of a divorce. His wife calls him “unstable” and “violent” based on what he has said on his radio… Read more

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