Me, God, And Trump’s Hypocritical Supporters Are OK With Him Avoiding War Zones

Me, God, And Trump’s Hypocritical Supporters Are OK With Him Avoiding War Zones November 20, 2018
Trump And “The Troops.” – Courtesy The White House

Interesting the reporting and speculation about why Trump has not visited troops in a war zone. Doing this is a tradition. When we screw over a foreign land our sitting president heads over regularly to gloat and to encourage the people whose lives are at-risk. The mythology of America is that we love the troops and so these publicity stunts reinforce this among those easily gulled by flags and firearms.
According to Trump he is too busy and has been for almost two years.

“I’ve had an unbelievably busy schedule, on top of which you have these phony witch hunts.”

You think that would fly if those words came out of President Obama’s mouth? Not for a moment.

Then there is the speculation that he does not “believe” in the “mission.”

Hey American soldiers, I don’t believe in the “mission” so screw you. Yeah, sounds different when you put it into words they understand better in the heartland, doesn’t it?

Once again, imagine the outrage from the conservatives with a fetish for military uniforms (they too don’t give a crap about the troops) had this been a Democrat.

And finally there are reports that Trump is simply afraid. And I am OK with that.

Trump, who boasted that he would run into a school with an active shooter, is afraid. Every conservative has onanistic fantasies about how they would save the day in these situations. They, untrained and untested, would do their best Bruce Willis imitation and kill all the bad guys at Nakatomi Tower or the local Piggly-Wiggly or Starbucks where they proudly carry their guns “just in case.”

Fear is a human emotion. Seeing just a glimmer of humanity, even if it is merely the sweaty fear borne of soft privilege, is welcomed by me. His followers will gloss over this, excuse this, and explain this but lost in their defense of their president will be any recognition of his deeply flawed and calloused humanity. Fear and being human are not things they deal with. From their fantasies about saving the day in a crisis to their theologies that make them far more powerful than “ordinary” people they miss what is important and valid. And something their God says is OK. Being “fearful” or “faint-hearted” was a reason expressed in the book of Deuteronomy to be excused from military service.

So there we have it. The uncaring, busy, or fearful Trump being excused for something conservatives would be outraged by if he were a Democrat. Outraged because they would not only visit the troops they would do it wrapped in a sticky flag with guns blazing.


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