Conservatives Make God Complicit In Evil

Conservatives Make God Complicit In Evil November 10, 2018

Sent By God To Save America?
Sent By God To Save America?

Is God Complicit In Evil? Conservatives Say Yes.

Conservatives have put far more faith in corrupt men than they have God. In doing so they have made their God complicit in supporting things they told us for decades were disqualifying in a leader, a politician, and even a decent member of the community. It seems that God could not use any of the upstanding, sanctified, saved, and righteous people that, we are told, populate America. And so he sent Trump and a rag-tag assortment of felons, abusers, and liars.

While they are the majority and have controlled the levers of power for over two centuries conservatives insist that others have ruined our nation over the last 40 years. Others have taken what we had, that wonderful time they always wistfully pine for, and destroyed it. All that was good, according to them, has been taken or damaged by others:

  • Our economic prowess, the American Dream, where one average income could afford a comfortable middle-class life – gone.
  • Our civility, where we campaigned and governed with a true spirit of comity – shattered.
  • Our national morality, where we rarely engaged in and never tolerated anything that was unseemly, illicit, or immoral – corrupted.
  • Our overflowing churches, beacons of hope and bastions of moral guidance, once found on every corner and in every town and village – decimated.
  • Our powerful and benevolent nation, keeper of the world peace, reluctant yet ready to wield the most deadly force in the pursuit of peace and justice – damaged.
  • Our warm welcome to all immigrants fleeing despotism and tyranny – abused.

Who Is Responsible For America’s Problems? Not Them.

Every good, precious, and holy thing damaged, debased, and destroyed by others. Conservatives insist they had a small and insignificant part in this destruction. Maybe they were too trusting. Maybe they believed that others who were not the moral giants that they were would not be too destructive when allowed equal freedoms. Maybe they, the good Christians that they are, were too involved in good works and and acts of benevolence to notice.

But now they see. Now they know. And now they will correct their oversight.

From Trump to brothel owners, from pedophiles to felons, from men who lie boldly to men who abuse, cheat and steal they explain to us that God has used and will use evil men. See? It’s OK to promote the mean, the shady, the immoral, and the criminal. God did and so shall we, they explain. We will take back our nation! True, we dominated and controlled for over two centuries and this is the result but that was not our fault and we will make it what it was.

Remember how it was, they ask as they wistfully stare into the distance. Trust us, we remember it as wonderful and we did very well, and we want that back.

Evil men? They will restore what our superior morality, our book of religious guidance, and our Savior could not maintain. It will be so wonderful. Again.

And this is the preposterous foundation on which they believe a great nation can be built. We must show them, as the apostle says, a better way.


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