You Are A Child of God

You Are A Child of God January 31, 2016

Based on the text of Mark 14:61-65 in the New Testament 

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The religious leaders ask Jesus if he is the “Christ” the “Son of the Blessed One.” Of course, he responds, “I am”.

This is so offensive to the religious leaders of his day, because their hearts and minds were darkened to their truest identity.

Jesus simply affirmed that he was a child of God. We all are children of God. And to be a child of God, means, logically, that we are made up of God. We are begotten of God. That which is born of flesh is flesh, that which is born of God is God.

Jesus was simply affirming the truest reality about the nature of humanity. But to those whose minds were darkened, he spoke blasphemy. 

Jesus came to reveal to us that we were all united to God. We all participate in Christ. We all are children of the Most High. And we all are brimming with Divine authority, potentiality, and creativity.

Jesus came to reveal the sham of religious structures and systems which were set up to keep people low, submissive, and enslaved to a false sense of identity.

This is why Jesus is so threatening, even today. The religious class is formed to keep people enslaved. To make them believe that the religious rulers are the intermediaries between God in heaven and the people on earth. Religious systems and structures exist only to teach the lieof disintegration and separation.

But Jesus comes and poses a tremendous threat to the religious systems and structures. He exposes them as the lies that they are. The religious leaders have no more authority or Divine favor than anylayperson. There is no need for intermediaries between God and man, because God isn’t “up there” in heaven, but is the very ground of our being, the life that animates us, the power that holds us together.

Jesus came to show us that there can be no separation from God. That our very nature is God. Jesus came to awaken us to the reality that we are all Christ. We are all one with God. We all are brimming with Divine authority, power, and potential. We all can live lives of liberation and abundance.

But that message threatens power structures. That message gives hope to the hopeless. That message must be labeled blasphemy.

Jesus came to show us that he was the first among many siblings. Meaning that we are all the same as Jesus. We all participate in Christ. We all are seated at the right hand of God, which of course is a metaphor for authority, because God is not centrally located anywhere.

We all live and move and have our being in God. We are all one with God. There can be no separation, only perceived estrangement, which is what religious leaders want to continue to perpetuate. Because if they are the intermediaries, we make them out to be God. We give them power, money, and authority. It is a sick, oppressive cycle.

Even today, when this message is preached, hundreds of pastors and theologians respond in the same manner the Pharisees responded to Jesus. They claim to be the stewards of absolute truth and divine authority. They claim to be the keepers of the real Gospel of Jesus. And they will oppose this teaching as heresy, blasphemy, and damnable teaching.

But that is the deception. That is the hardness of heart that keeps people of oppressed.

We are conditioned to submit to these authorities. To believe we are powerless. That we need religious leaders, priests, and theologians to connect us to God. We doubt our own capability to be inspired by God. To be connected to God. To hear from God. To function in Divine authority.

Jesus reveals to us that we are one with him. He is our brother. He is the second Adam, giving a rebirth, a reawakening to humanity, revealing to us the truest nature of reality. a

Throughout his life and ministry, Jesus always pointed the spotlight back at humanity. As often as people desired to worship and exalt him, he always rebuked them and turned the light back on them.

He told us that we were the light of the world. We are the city on a hill. We are partakers in Divine nature. We are one with the Father, in the same way that he is one with the Father.

Jesus came to show us that he was the first, the example, but that all of us could walk in the abundance, authority, and liberation that Jesus experienced.

Jesus never claimed the power to do miracles, rather he demonstrated how we were capable of doing miracles. “Your faith has made you well.” He was not the Divine healer, but the revealer of how each of us had the Divine potential to heal.

He told us to “Go and tell no one”, because he didn’t want us to make him out to be a holy religious leader. He was just demonstrating what power we all have within.

“Go and show the priests”, Jesus often said. He wanted to demonstrate to the religious leaders that there was power outside of them that was greater than them.

“Greater things will you do.” The words of Jesus to all of humanity. He came to show us the way of salvation. The way of redemption. The way of reconciliation, of waking up to who we truly are and how much we are love and are loved.

After Jesus says these words to the High Priest, the Priest responds, saying, “You’ve hear his insult against God…” and the text says, “They all condemned him, “He deserves to die!”

The message of the Gospel is offensive because it threatens the powers and authorities, both religious and otherwise. They desire to perpetuate a belief that they are somehow unique, special, holy, and powerful. That they have been appointed by God and that they have special favor and access to Divine power. When Jesus, a peasant from Nazareth, claims to be Christ, a child of God, he threatens to overtake the whole system and structure.

Like the prophecy of Daniel, he is the stone hewn from the mountain without hands that will crush the empire. Destroy the lie of separation from God. And reveal that all of us are one with God. We are all Christ. We all have the same authority and power that Jesus has. We are all, together, partakers in the grand mystery that we call God.

As George MacDonald famously penned, may we pray each and every day:

“Christ, my life, possess me utterly. Take and make a little Christ of me.”

Awaken to who you are. Believe in your connection to God, to Love. Nothing is impossible. All of your dreams can become a reality. You don’t need God. You are God. May that reality cultivate the great humility of spirit that comes when we realize our exalted place in the grand mystery of the Cosmos. Together, we are all God. We are all equal. We are all children of the Most High.

This is the Good News of great joy for all people. May we walk in it and proclaim it to the powers and principally. May the world awaken to who we are. May we together, transform everything. 

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