A Preview of Coming Attractions – Taste #10 – The Prophet @ Home

A Preview of Coming Attractions – Taste #10 – The Prophet @ Home November 23, 2011

Is he a renter or an owner?  Is he having a garage sale?  No matter, it’s a casual weekend morning, Bruce greets us poolside in his Sunday-go-to-meeting best and let’s fly with some pretty deep stuff, i.e.,  “All you’ve got to do to get to heaven is (drum roll, please)  BE LOVED.”

Man, oh man.  I can’t tell you the immense relief that flowed over me when I heard those words.  I’ve been a good guy, trying to bring happiness or comfort to those I meet, in most cases treating people around me a bit better than I treat myself, as recommends the Islamic version of the Golden Rule.   Why, I even devote considerable time and energy trying to better the whole Earth, if I don’t flatter myself overly.  Yet I’ve regularly felt I should do more, be more effective, make a greater contribution.  In short, I figured my ticket to heaven was issued based on results.  But no, it’s the effort that counts.  There’s the relief part.  Like most of you, at some point in my past, I decided to make myself a good guy, as defined above and there have been enough more successes than failures since that I can be shown by the record and the testimony of others to be a lovable guy.  When I am that, not only am I heaven-ready, I’m right there.  HOORAY!

We hope this webisode brings you as much joy as it brought us.

P.S.  We have to thank Bruce for inviting us into his home and treating us like family.  Hospitality is a high art.  Maybe one day the ayatollah, whose culture perfected hospitality, or Benedict, or Deepak or Eckhart will invite us into their homes.  Wouldn’t that be something?

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